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Guide to Choosing the Best Boston Photographers

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I'm Molly - toddler mama, wife, and lover of babies. Preserving the moments of early motherhood through soft, simplistic, connection-filled portraits is what I love most. Stick around and say hello!

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Molly is a Boston newborn photographer serving modern, on-the-go families. With a curated wardrobe, light-filled studio space and custom heirloom artwork design, Molly is passionate about serving her clients well every step of the way.

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Finding great Boston photographers can be a challenge. More often than not, even the simplest of Google searches returns hundreds of results.

But don’t panic! Let’s break it down…

5 things you should consider when Choosing Your Boston Photographer

1. Budget

I know this isn’t the most enjoyable factor to take into consideration, but it IS the most important. If you haven’t done it already, sit down and think about your photography budget. How much are you willing to spend on your portraits? Instead of a hard and fast number, I recommend giving yourself a range. Keeping in mind that the top number will be the absolute most you’d feel comfortable investing.

2. Style

Photography is a creative art form; its beauty and value is subjective. What do YOU find beautiful? What style of photography resonates most with you? Appreciating someone’s work is different from seeing yourself in their work. Check out several Boston photographers and view their portfolios. If their websites don’t include full galleries, reach out and ask to see one. You want to get a clear sense of what a photographer delivers to their clients – not just the highlights they show on Instagram.

3. Connection

Call me old fashioned, but I want to feel some sort of connection with the person documenting an important milestone in my life. I’m not saying you need to be besties with your photographer, but I do think it’s important to feel comfortable with the person you hire to preserve your memories. Does their philosophy resonate with you? Does the way they approach their work and their clients feel genuine?

I’m a big fan of discovery calls. I offer and encourage them in my own photography business because I really value connecting with my potential clients personally. It not only gives them the opportunity to get to know me better, but also gives me a chance to learn more about them and their vision for portraits. Win-win!

4. Reviews

Okay, you’ve made it through numbers 1-3 on the list. So far, so good! Next up: REVIEWS. Check out your potential photographer’s website for testimonials. What are others saying about their experience with this photographer? In addition to their personal website, most photographers have a Google Business Page that includes reviews as well. As a photographer, reviews mean everything. There is nothing more important than client experience. Without YOU, we don’t have a thriving business. Take some time to find out what others loved most about working with this photographer. If those things are also important and of value to you (YAY!!) you may have found your new Boston photographer!

5. Location

Location usually isn’t the most important thing to consider. Most photographers work in multiple counties and travel throughout Massachusetts (and beyond!) for sessions. You don’t want to limit yourself to a small pool of photographers because you’re only searching in a specific town or neighborhood. Budget, style, connection and reviews are far more important than where a photographer is “based” out of. If you’ve found someone who meets all other criteria – reach out!

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Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my “Guide to Choosing the Best Boston Photographers” feature.

Molly Katherine is a newborn photographer serving families in Boston and MetroWest MA. Specializing in organic, connection-filled portraits, Molly provides a full-service experience ideal for busy Boston moms and their modern, on-the-go families. With a curated wardrobe, light-filled studio space and custom heirloom artwork design, Molly is passionate about serving her clients well every step of the way. If you are drawn to soft, simplistic, joy-filled images and are searching for a Boston maternity or newborn photographer, we may be a great fit. I’d love to connect and share more about my process with you!


To reserve your 2023 maternity or newborn portraits, please visit Molly Katherine Photography or reach out directly to Not quite ready, but would like to keep me in mind for the future? Follow along on Instagram and let’s be friends!


Molly serves Greater Boston, Middlesex and Worcester counties including: Brookline | Belmont | Natick | Weston | Wellesley | Sherborn | Hopkinton | Westborough | Grafton and beyond

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  1. #4 is definitely one of the most important in my opinion!! Making sure to check the reviews is one of the first things I do when investing in something as important as photos. 🙂

  2. Such a great way to educate clients on how to choose their photographer!

  3. So beautifully laid out and explained! I really got a sense for your style and who you are, too!

  4. These photos are stunning! I agree it’s so important to align on style when choosing a photographer.

  5. Ashlie says:

    These are really great tips for choosing the best photographer for you. Thanks for sharing all of this info.

  6. This is so helpful! Having a connection with your photographer is so valuable.

  7. This is such a helpful guide to choosing a photographer in boston.

  8. Such a great thorough list. Love this.

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Molly Katherine is a Boston Newborn Photographer who preserves the moments of early motherhood through soft, simplistic, connection-filled portraits.

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