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5 Ways to Elevate the Boston Photography Experience for Modern Mamas

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I'm Molly - toddler mama, wife, and lover of babies. Preserving the moments of early motherhood through soft, simplistic, connection-filled portraits is what I love most. Stick around and say hello!

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Molly is a Boston newborn photographer serving modern, on-the-go families. With a curated wardrobe, light-filled studio space and custom heirloom artwork design, Molly is passionate about serving her clients well every step of the way.

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Have an overbooked schedule, toy-filled living room, and loads of unfinished laundry? Hey there, mama, me too. I want to share the 5 ways I’ve elevated the Boston photography experience as a maternity, newborn and family photographer. I understand the value of preserving memories, but also know just how hard that can be during the early motherhood years.

What if I told you it’s possible to get beautiful portraits without having to plan, prepare or stress about anything. Because it’s true and you can! My entire philosophy and creative process is centered around providing a personalized, full-service experience catering to busy, on-the-go moms.

In this blog post, I invite you behind the scenes to discover how you can enjoy a truly elevated Boston photography experience.


To set the tone for a great experience, each of my clients receives a personalized welcome box in the mail. Knowing just how many talented people there are who provide Boston photography, it means the world when I’m asked to preserve meaningful milestones for families. This gift is just a small gesture of my appreciation and gratitude. From treats to keepsakes, the welcome box celebrates the season of life your family is in and sets the stage foTour My MetroWest Boston Photography Studior what’s to come when we work together.


Outfit selection can make all the difference in creating portraits with an everlasting, timeless feel. When we work together you receive customized styling guidance specific to your family. I provide personalized recommendations that complement individual preferences, ensuring everyone looks and feels their best on session day. Whether it’s coordinating colors, recommending flattering styles, or providing tips on accessorizing, I take care of every detail to create a cohesive and stunning visual story.


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Preparing for a Boston photography session can feel overwhelming, especially for busy moms juggling a million other things. As a mom of two toddlers myself, I love being able to serve other mamas with a seamless and stress-free experience. All my families receive an extensive preparation guide. It covers every aspect of the session, from what to expect day-of to helpful tips for a successful shoot. This comprehensive resource includes a session timeline, sample packing list, and suggestions for making the most of our experience. With these resources, you’ll feel equal parts confident and prepared on session day.


Step into our light-filled studio space, where simplicity meets contemporary comfort. The studio provides a clean and classic backdrop, allowing the focus of your photos to be on the connection shared by your family. The neutral color palette and natural light create a cozy, inviting space where you can relax and enjoy the Boston photography experience. Tour My MetroWest Boston Photography Studio


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I know that finding the “perfect” outfits for a photography session can be time-consuming, stressful, and sometimes costly. During pregnancy and after having babies, our bodies are in a season of change. I was one of those people who found myself with a closet of clothes that just didn’t fit anymore. The idea of having to go out shopping (and find something I actually felt comfortable in and would look good in pictures) was enough to make me reconsider photographs altogether.

My own personal experience is just one of the reasons I’m especially passionate about offering this service. The studio wardrobe features a range of carefully selected pieces for not just for mom, but babies and toddlers too. Featuring soft pastels and neutral tones, the wardrobe makes outfit coordination a breeze. Moms: you’ll find dresses in a variety of sizes, colors and silhouettes; all of which photograph beautifully.

With the studio wardrobe you don’t have to worry about shopping, dealing with inevitable online returns, and more importantly: spending money of clothes you may not wear again.



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Insider’s Tip: There are certain colors and styles that lend themselves best to soft, classic images. Selecting clothes that fit and flatter your body AND photograph well (both on their own and in combination with other family members!) can seem overwhelming. But when we work together, the pressure of planning and purchasing outfits is off, allowing you to focus on what’s most important; the joy of the experience.  



Equally as important, your luxury experience extends beyond the session itself. In addition to digital files, I offer artwork design services to turn your images into artwork. From framed fine art prints to matted and heirloom albums, you have a variety of options and flexibility when it comes to your investment. I don’t believe in asking families to make their investment decisions before our session together. I’d rather have you see images we create together before deciding how you want to enjoy them.

If you know investing in a few large frames for your living room will be money well spent- let’s do that. Already imagining how meaningful it will be to flip through an album with your children by your side? I’m your girl. Is there nothing you want more than to share and save your digital files? I’m in. Above all, I believe your portraits should be whatever YOU want them to be. 


artwork samples taken by molly katherine photography



In conclusion, every mama deserves a luxury experience when making the investment to preserve her family’s legacy. When we work together for a Boston photography session you can expect just that. From the thoughtful welcome box and the personalized styling guidance, to the light-filled studio space and the convenience of the studio wardrobe, culminating with our custom artwork design services, I believe in providing an exceptional photography experience from start to finish.



…interested in working together?

If you’re searching for Boston Newborn Photographer who specializes in soft, simplistic portraits filled with connection, we may be a good fit. From a curated wardrobe and light-filled studio space to custom heirloom artwork design, we offer a truly full-service portrait experience for busy Boston moms and their modern families.

I’m currently booking 2024 due dates: click here to get in touch!





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Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my “5 Ways to Elevate the Boston Photography Experience” feature.

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Molly Katherine is a maternity, newborn and family photographer serving families in Boston and MetroWest MA. Molly provides a full-service experience ideal for busy Boston moms and their modern families. With a curated wardrobe, light-filled studio space and custom heirloom artwork design, Molly serves her clients well every step of the way. If you are drawn to simplistic, connection-filled images and are searching for a Boston maternity or newborn photographer, we may be a great fit.

I’d love to connect and share more about my process with you! To reserve your 2023 maternity or newborn portraits, please visit Molly Katherine Photography or reach out directly to

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Molly serves Greater Boston, Middlesex and Worcester counties including: Brookline | Belmont | Natick | Needham | Weston | Wellesley | Sherborn | Hopkinton | Westborough | Grafton and beyond

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Hi, I'm Molly.
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Serving greater Boston, Middlesex and Worcester counties including: Brookline | Belmont | Natick | Weston | Wellesley | Sherborn | Hopkinton | Westborough | Grafton and beyond.

Molly Katherine is a Boston Newborn Photographer who preserves the moments of early motherhood through soft, simplistic, connection-filled portraits.

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