more details on the boston family photography experience, please!

frequently asked

Not sure what to wear for your Boston family photos? I can help...

Not sure what to wear? I've got you. You tell me what colors you like and I'll create a style board just for you. Have one outfit in mind, but don't know what to put the rest of your family in? My style board will include complimentary outfit ideas for each member of your family. OR better yet, use my studio wardrobe and avoid shopping altogether.

My partner isn't thrilled about taking our family photos...

Listen, pictures are not everyone's thing- that's totally normal and I'm not offended! Getting Dad on board is my specialty. We chat before getting started about keeping things quick, easy and painless. P.S. I've been known to offer an adult beverage reward *before* or after our session if it helps ;) 

Kids will be kids!

Okay, so technically this isn't a question, but I need you to hear me when I say (type?) this...I don't expect your kiddos to stay still or smile on command during our Boston family photography session.

I can't tell you how many parents apologize during our session if their kids aren't having it. There's this misconception that our kids need to be on their "best behavior" to get great photographs. Nope, not a requirement. 

Kids are going to be kids, whether they are having their photos taken or not. If things aren't going exactly how you want them to (spoiler alert: they probably won't, because ya know, #kids) laugh it off and go with the flow. I've got plenty of prompts and alternatives to help little ones reengage. 

Molly, where do I begin? I was in tears going through this album! You have a gift. I cannot thank you enough for preserving these memories for us. We will treasure them forever. 

 michelle r.